AFAPA Scholarships

AFAPA offers $1,000 dollar scholarships to graduating seniors and college-age students,(21 years or younger as of June 1st in the year of application). Students who are currently in foster care, birth and adopted children of foster parents, and those adopted from the Alabama DHR system, are eligible to apply for the AFAPA scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could the scholarship be used for trade school?

Most definitely! Can the funds be used for books? Yes, the scholarship funds can be used for tuition, books, lab fees, or supplies purchased thorough the school account.

When should I apply?

The deadline for applications is March 1st of the year you will be entering the school. Please check web site for the application.

 Do my grades matter?

AFAPA scholarships are not based on academic achievement. Rather, our review committee will be looking at each individual’s needs and goals. You must, however, maintain the GPA the University requires to stay a student.

What can the scholarship funds be used toward?

Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, maintenance fees, books, and or school supplies.

What if I decide not to attend school the year I am granted the scholarship?

You would not be able to use the scholarship, you would be able to apply for another scholarship when you did start back to school if you are under age 22 as of June 1st in year of scholarship award.

Can I re-apply for the scholarship? 

Yes as long as you meet the criteria you can apply for the scholarship each year until you 21 years old.

How will the scholarship be paid?

If chosen to receive scholarship, provide proof of acceptance into a college/university/trade or vocational school is required along with student ID#. Scholarships funds are paid directly to the college/university or vocational school and are deposited into students account. Funds are not paid directly to student and may not be used for personal items.

What happens if there is an unused portion of the scholarship?

Unused portion or appropriate percentage of funds must be returned if recipient withdraws or does not report to school as scheduled. Otherwise the amount should roll over in the account of the student.

What if there is something incorrect in my scholarship application?

Scholarship Committee will collect applications and check for correct information. Attempts will be documented to contact students with missing or incorrect information

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