Love Makes A Family.

AFAPA’s mission is to provide education & support to Foster, Adoptive, & Kinship families all across Alabama.

Scholarship Donation

Support our children with a $25 donation to our scholarship fund. Want to support more? You may add as many donations and you would like. Thank you for your support!



a group of volunteers, passionate about supporting families & children from hard places.

Advocate on behalf of foster, adoptive, & kinship families
Educate the public on the needs of our families
– Provide training opportunities
Promote & develop local parent associations throughout Alabama
Recruit & Retain foster & adoptive parents
– Provide a network of resources for our families

Connect with Others

“There was a lot of helpful information given and it was refreshing to be here.”

Jane Doe

“This has been an incredible experience full of laugher, tears, & fun all while learning so much!”

John Doe

August 2023 Newsletter

Make A Difference


If you can’t be a foster or adoptive parent right now, be an advocate for foster, adoptive, and kinship families. They need you.


You can give securely online via PayPal. Donations are tax-deductible and portions are set aside for our annual Scholarship Program.


Reach out if you are interested in starting your own County Chapter or if you would like to learn how to serve with AFAPA.

Partnership Opportunity

We are always looking for others that are as passionate as we are about helping children & families. Reach out to partner today!