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Medicaid Coverage


Medicaid is provided for all children in foster care. It’s possible that while application is being made by the county that bills will be sent to the county. HOWEVER you should still only use medicaid […]

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Renewal training opportunities

The BEST way to get all 15 of your required hours in one quick shot is to come to OUR YEARLY AMAZING CONVENTION! The convention is traditionally held the 2 days before Mothers Day which […]

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Additional Resources

Foster Care Resources National Sites Child Welfare League Of America National Foster Parent Association Jodee Kulp’s Web Site with lots of Information Adoption Sites AdoptUSkids NACAC

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Day Care (aka CMA)

If you care a foster child, and have a child under public school age, then you are eligible to receive CMA unless there is a parent who works in the home.  STEP 1: When you […]

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Board Payments

“Board Payments” is the fancy word for the subsidy that the State of Alabama sends to the Foster Parents monthly to go towards the housing, utilities, clothing, food, and extra-curricular activities. The subsidy only comes […]

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Adoption Subsidy

Did you know that if you adopt out of foster care you may qualify to continue receiving state subsidy? This was put into place by the Commissioner  to incentivize families to adopt children and allow them […]

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Minimum Standards for Foster Parenting

Find out if you meet all of the official the Foster Parent Minimum Standards by clicking HERE. – Age: 19 or older (if one spouse is younger and they’re related to the child an  exception […]

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AFAPA By-laws

Alabama Foster and Adoptive Parent Association, Inc. Constitution Article I.  Name The name by which the corporation shall be known is Alabama Foster and Adoptive Parent Association, Inc. Article II.  Purpose To act as a […]