About Us

The mission of the AFAPA is to provide education and support to foster and adoptive parents all across the state. Our vision is to see that you as foster and adoptive parents are successful in your endeavors. Toward that end, we continuously search for educational activities along with other resources to make available to you. 

AFAPA Goals:

Regions and Representatives

The AFAPA Board of Directors support the needs of foster, adoptive, & kinship/guardian parents throughout the state of Alabama.  

Buddy Hooper - Board President
Mary Smith - Vice President of Foster Care
Heather Branam - Vice President of Adoptions
Keith Lowhorne - Vice President of Kinship
Darla Works-Nelson - Treasurer
Stacy Justice -Secretary
Shirley Merrills - Region 1 Representative
Victoria Davidson - Region 1 Representative
Amanda Foster - Region 2 Representative
John King - Region 2 Representative
Gerald Nelson - Region 3 Representative
Jennifer Lee - Region 4 Representative
Martha Hooper - Region 4 Representative
Brandon Bishop - Region 5 Representative
Kristy Bryant - Region 5 Representative
Linda Hayes - Region 5 Representative

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