Renewal training opportunities

shoccoThe BEST way to get all 15 of your required hours in one quick shot is to come to OUR YEARLY AMAZING CONVENTION! The convention is traditionally held the 2 days before Mothers Day which means you should pencil in May 11, 12, 13 of 2017! 

The convention is held at Shocco Springs in Talladega, Alabama. For our 2016  the cost was $35 per person and includes 2 nights and 3 days including meals. You can stay Wednesday and Thursday night, or Thursday night and Friday night. If you choose to stay 3 nights you are responsible for the extra night. The rooms can hold up to 4 people and are hotel style. If you the soul traveler and want a private name the charge is extra $20 per night . Childcare is not provided due to liability costs at the camp, however we would love to assist you with finding respite care! It’s a GREAT convention, a great way to meet foster parents from all over the state, and a wonderful way to get all your required renewal hours quickly.  You can see the past 2016 schedule of events by clicking HERE.


apacAnother great free resource is APAC’s webinars!!! 

APAC offers free educational trainings on adoption related topics via webinar approximately 12 times a year. Webinars can be accessed by anyone throughout the state with access to the internet. Currently, we have the capacity to serve up to 1000 individuals/computers during a live webinar presentation.

Get webinars here:

Get training here:


You can also find online resources at foster parent college.

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