Day Care (aka CMA)

If you care a foster child, and have a child under public school age,

then you are eligible to receive CMA unless there is a parent who works in the home. 

STEP 1: When you first receive your placement you should tell your social worker that you will need care and tell them WHICH daycare you are interested in your foster child attending.

In order to be eligible for CMA payment the Day care MUST ACCEPT CMA                                   payments, so be sure you call and ask ahead of time. Click here to go to the State                     DHR  providers list. If the provider you’re interested in isn’t on this list just call                       them directly.

STEP 2: Find out if there is any parent fee. It is usually no more than a $50.00/week. Be sure to ask about this before you tell your social worker what the provider is.

STEP 3: Usually even before your card is actually sent they will allow you to bring your children, but be SURE TO ASK your provider when you can begin bringing the child.

STEP 4: A card like this one will be sent to you. This is how the state pays the provider.

CMA card

STEP 5: You will activate your card and choose your own 4 digit pin.

STEP 6: Daily, when you check your child in and out of daycare, you will swipe your card at the CMA reader. This will allow the state to know exactly how much to pay.



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