Getting Started Fostering

We are so excited that you’re interested in beginning the journey toward becoming a foster parents. Let us walk you through the steps!

STEP ONE:  Find out if you meet the Foster Parent Minimum Standards by clicking HERE.

STEP TWO: Send application (or drop off by hand) at your county DHR. You can find your county DHR address by clicking here. 

STEP THREE: If you do not hear from a social worker within one week about your application then call the number for Family and Child services and ask about your application. Find that info by clicking here. 

STEP FOUR: In step four you need to complete the following:

a) Financial Statement for foster and/or adoptive applicants. 

b) Physical Exam for foster and/or adoptive applicants. 

Once these are completed you will turn them into whoever has been assigned as your licensing worker.

STEP FIVE: Complete the following background checks: (licensing worker will have this info for you)

a) Clearance of State Central Registry on Child Abuse/Neglect (this requires fingerprinting).

b) State of Alabama Criminal History Background Information Check

STEP SIX: Begin GPS training with your county DHR. Your licensing worker should be able to tell you when your local training classes will occur. You will need to complete 30 hours of training at your county DHR (or other approved location). Most classes are 3 hours, one night a week, for 10 weeks.

STEP SEVEN: Complete home study with your licensing worker. General requirements can be found by CLICKING HERE.

After all of this, and the approval of the State of Alabama, you will be licensed. You can begin receiving placements within 24 hours of your licensing/approval.


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