2017 Alabama Foster & Adoptive Parent Association

Conference Dates: Thursday, May 11th – Saturday, May 13th

Overnight Accommodations
2 nights/6 meals: $35.00 per person (Double Occupancy)
2 nights/6 meals: $85.00 (Private Occupancy)
3 nights/8 meals: $98.25 per person (Double Occupancy)
3 nights/8 meals: $181.25 (Private Occupancy)

Commuting Accommodations
1 day: $10.50 per person + $8 per meal
2 days: $17.50 per person + $8 per meal
3 days: $24.50 per person + $8 per meal
*max payment of $35 per person for commuters

In order for your reservation to be finalized and a room reserved we must receive your payment.

No childcare is provided and children are not allowed in the conference rooms. If you plan to bring children, you are responsible for bringing your own childcare provider. Any children or childcare providers will incur additional charges and need to be registered by calling Shocco Springs at 1.800.280.1105

Just fill out the form to register by clicking here  online form.
 OR you can register online through the shocco website.


Posted by AFAPA Foster Mom