“Board Payments” is the fancy word for the subsidy that the State of Alabama sends to the Foster Parents monthly to go towards the housing, utilities, clothing, food, and extra-curricular activities. The subsidy only comes once a month and (from my experience) in the middle of the month. You can see the 2016 Board Payment rate for the State of Alabama in the chart below.


Beginning 1/1/16













Alabama provides specialized rates (based on the extraordinary needs of the child or the additional parenting skill needed to raise the child). This is called the Therapeutic rate. 

Therapeutic rate (negotiated):




not to exceed $1,055


not to exceed $1,068


not to exceed $1,079


not to exceed $1,091

Difficulty of care rates may be provided to:

  • children who have exceptional physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral needs
  • children with extreme illness or disabilities requiring nursing care (excluding children in residential treatment facilities)
  • emotionally disturbed children requiring more restrictive therapeutic care
  • medically fragile children


Posted by Kristin Scroggin

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